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In most instances, block scheduling will not affect financial aid.  Financial aid is awarded on a semester basis.  For more specific questions, please contact Financial Aid at (406)771.4334 or email  You should also discuss this with your advisor when registering for classes.

Class schedules are posted and we encourage you to meet with your advisor to learn more.

We are still working through this.  Updates will continually be posted.
Students will register for all classes at the beginning of each semester.  If a class needs to be retaken, it can be done the following semester.
Each eight-week block will be equivalent to half a semester.  Students will be able to take half of their classes in the first eight weeks and the remaining classes in the second eight-week block.
Students will register for all classes at the beginning of the semester.
Yes, online general studies classes will mirror on campus classes. They will cover the same material over the same time period.


Financial Aid

(406) 771-4334


Academic Advising

(406) 771-5100