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Another area where the College has witnessed considerable productivity and achievement is in the area of institutional effectiveness. For example, over the past five years we have:

  • Piloted our first attempt at a new budget development and planning model (September of 2007)
  • Formally established our Core Indicators of Institutional Effectiveness (May of 2008)
  • To meet the new NWCCU standards, we adopted our four Core Themes (May of 2008)
  • Institutionalized an integrated model of planning, budget, and assessment of institutional effectiveness
    (September of 2008)
  • Published the first Great Falls College MSU Performance Report Card (April of 2010)
  • Hired the College’s first Executive Director of Institutional Research and Planning (January of 2011)
  • Created the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (January of 2011)
  • Implemented an innovative new Academic Program Review protocol (June of 2011)