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The College has also witnessed considerable progress in the arena of student support services. Consider that we have accomplished the following in the past five years:

  • Hired our first Chief Student Affairs Officer (August of 2006)
  • Constructed and created the College’s Student Central (January of 2008)
  • Held the first Anatomy & Physiology Inspiration Night (December of 2009)
  • Held the first-ever Science Rodeo (March of 2010)
  • Piloted the College Studies 102 Course titled Navigating Great Falls College MSU (January 2011)
  • Established the Great Falls College MSU Veterans Center (January of 2011)
  • Formally institutionalized the Great Falls College MSU Development Board to increase student scholarships and support
    (May of 2011)
  • Merged the Library and Distance Learning into the new Division of eLearning and Library Services (May of 2011)