Mission Statement

To educate and inspire you. 


The vision of GFC MSU is to strengthen communities through excellence, innovation, and collaboration.


The campus community identified a set of values that describe and define the qualities the college deems essential and create a sense of distinctiveness. 

  • GFC MSU values Accountability – The College ensures decisions are data-informed and grounded in the best interest of students and their communities.
  • GFC MSU values Integrity – The College values civic responsibility, high academic standards, ethical practices, trust and the courage to act.
  • GFC MSU values Positivity – The College teaches and leads from a lens of potential, collaboration and results. 
  • GFC MSU values Respect – The College values differences and treats others with civility, encouraging open and honest communication.
  • GFC MSU values Responsiveness – The College recognizes and acts upon opportunities to be innovative, flexible, and adaptable to student and community needs.
  • GFC MSU values Transparency – The College is committed to participatory governance and has created an environment where academic, financial and administrative functions are conducted openly.

Core Themes & Objectives

  • Workforce Development:  Provide health sciences, trades, business and computer degrees and certificates that lead to meaningful employment.
  • Transfer Preparation:  Provide the Montana University System core and transfer degrees that allow for seamless transfer into educational programs at other institutions.
  • Academic Preparation:  Provide developmental education and cooperating with Adult Education to prepare students for college-level studies;
  • Community Development:  Provide community enrichment courses to individuals seeking to improve their skills and knowledge and to enrich their lives; providing a vibrant community gathering space for cultural events, celebrations, meetings, debates and presentations; provide customized and post-employment training for regional employers.