Great Falls College Montana State University

All Graduates will engage in learning activities that enhance their professional and personal lives, as well as their communities.  During their academic careers at Great Falls College MSU, Students will engage in learning activities that Demonstrate the following:


College Learning Outcome 1:  Effective Communication 

The active expression and exchange of ideas through listening, speaking, reading, writing or other modes of non-verbal communication or artistic expression.

College Learning Outcome 2:  Technical Literacy 

The ability to form strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information, and know the ethical issues surrounding information and technology.

College Learning Outcome 3:  Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning

The ability to analyze data, arguments, assumptions, and problems in order to draw conclusions.

College Learning Outcome 4:  Workforce Readiness

The ability to exercise the skills, competencies and behaviors necessary to succeed in the workplace or at a transfer institution.

College Learning Outcome 5:  Citizenship

The ability to apply the knowledge, skills and values individuals utilize to be effective, active citizens.