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Core Theme 1: Workforce development: Prepare students to meet current and emerging workforce needs.

  • Objective 1.1: Students enroll in workforce programs.
  • Objective 1.2: Students are retained and graduated with the necessary skills and competencies for employment.


Core Theme 2: Transfer Preparation: Prepare students to transfer to an institution of higher education.

  • Objective 2.1: Students enroll in and complete transfer programs.
  • Objective 2.2: Students transfer to an institution of higher education


Core Theme 3: Academic Preparation: Prepare students for success in college-level courses.

  • Objective 3.1: Students succeed in developmental math and writing 


Core Theme 4: Community Development: Cultivate productive relationships through Lifelong Learning and community engagement.

  • Objective 4.1: Engage community through enrollment in Lifelong Learning courses.
  • Objective 4.2: Build strong relationships through fundraising efforts.
  • Objective 4.3: Provide specialized instruction in response to industry needs.