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As part of the RevUp Montana initiative, InsideTrack has offered Success Coaching to Great Falls College students beginning in Fall 2014. Over 1400 students, at five Consortium schools, have received InsideTrack Coaching since the partnership began. By December 2016, over 2000 students will have received coaching. Results pictured here represent a snapshot of the ongoing partnership. Final results will be presented with the conclusion of the initial partnership term in early 2017. Fall 2014-to-Fall 2015 retention analysis reveals higher retention rates among those receiving coaching when compared to overall school ’ s retention over the same time period. Early Results Demonstrate Efficacy of Coaching Coached-group retention compared to actual campus retention 69.8% 63.3% 55.2% 50.3% CITY COLLEGE 59.2% 49.7% 46.1% FVCC 64.3% GFC MSU MSUN InsideTrack Notes: Cohorts based on registration as of census in a student’s first term in school. School data received from Erik Rose and Maya Tsidulko in Oct 2015. Results are based on registration status as of census in each subsequent term. Continuing students excluded. N’s (InsideTrack Coached/School Total) = City College: 87/308; FVCC: 30/471; GFC MSU: 103/364; MSUN: 63/336. Great Falls College Montana State University 18