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Dr. Susan J. Wolff CEO/Dean  406.771.4305  February 26, 2016 Dear Year One Accreditation Team Members, It is always a pleasure to welcome you to Great Falls College Montana State University (GFC MSU) whether it is a virtual or on-site visit. GFC MSU is a comprehensive two-year college within the Montana University System. The college is independently accredited and aligned with Montana State University in Bozeman within the structure of the university system. The college has evolved from its inception in 1969 as a vocational-technical center as part of the Great Falls Public School System, to a College of Technology governed by the university system and the State Board of Regents, and, since 2012, a comprehensive two-year college within the Montana University System. Through these changes the college has stayed true in providing post-secondary education to the residents of North Central Montana. In the year since our Year Seven visit and re-accreditation, the college has developed new mission and vision statements, and values; written a new tag line; revised its core themes, indicators, and college learning outcomes; and is in the midst of writing a new strategic plan. All of this work took place through a strong shared governance model including faculty, students, staff, administrators, and community partners at the same time the college undertook an academic and administrative prioritization process. The purpose for the prioritization is to focus existing resources on student success strategies and having the capability of being responsive to future community needs. We welcome your visit and look forward to learning from you. Sincerely, Dr. Susan J. Wolff, CEO/Dean