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Response to Topics Previously Requested by the Commission Recommendation 1 The evaluation committee recommends that the College review the formative measures it uses to assess core themes, strategic priorities, Common Ground, and the Eight Abilities and develop a summative assessment framework that could be effectively used as evidence to assess mission fulfillment (Standards 1.B, 2.C.1, 4.A, and 5.A). Response Beginning in January 2015, the college began working to formulate new college mission, vision and values statements and corresponding core themes and indicators, an effort led initially by the chief information officer and later by the chief financial officer. Leadership held numerous campus-wide open sessions, asking participants to brainstorm ideas and statements. Those ideas that appeared repeatedly were drafted into several potential mission and vision statements and presented to the College Planning, Budget and Analysis Committee (CPBAC), Faculty Senate and Executive Team. Once the mission and vision were set by CPBAC and the Executive Team, core themes were drafted and again approved by CPBAC, Faculty Senate and Executive Team. A permanent task force was assigned to each core theme. These task forces were charged with drafting the core indicators, with assistance from the institutional researcher. The resulting indicators have been approved by CPBAC, Faculty Senate and the Executive Team. The core theme task forces also are charged with setting annual and seven-year targets for each indicator. Based on these targets, CPBAC will establish a seven-year strategic plan and annual operating plan for accomplishing these targets. The target date for completing the seven-year strategic plan is June 2016. The core theme task forces will report to full CPBAC semi-annually on the core indicators. The strategic plan will be adjusted if CPBAC considers a mid-year adjustment necessary. Otherwise, CPBAC will look at the target and the progress made during the year. The progress will help CPBAC determine whether it is fulfilling its mission or whether new targets and plans need to be made. The Eight Abilities have been reworked into five College Learning Outcomes by the College Learning Outcomes Assessment Team (CLOAT), as outlined in the response to Recommendation 2. This team is working to develop assessment of those learning outcomes. Because of the complexity of measuring college-wide learning outcomes, this process has – for the present – been separated from the strategic planning process. Once the assessment has been finalized, the intention is that setting College Learning Outcomes targets and planning to achieve those targets will be enfolded into the strategic plan. Great Falls College Montana State University 20