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Recommendation 2 The evaluation committee recommends that the College rewrite the Eight Abilities in assessable language, and then specifically assess them using both direct and indirect measure of student learning. Moreover, the results of those assessments should be used to demonstrate continuous improvement (Standards 2.C.1, 4.A.4, and 4.B.2). Response The College Learning Outcomes Assessment Team (CLOAT) was formed in November 2015 and is made up of five faculty members, one member from the Academic Advising Center, the institutional researcher and the chief academic officer. The group is charged with developing and implementing the assessment of student learning at GFC MSU. The team has begun work to create learning assessment materials and reports that directly assess course, program, degree and institutional student learning outcomes. Great Falls College MSU has adopted five College Learning Outcomes that will replace the previous Eight Abilities. The plan is to align these five College Learning Outcomes with program outcomes and place this alignment in the fall 2016 syllabi across the campus. The five outcomes include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Effective Communication Technical Literacy Engaged Citizenship Workmanship Critical Thinking In the remaining 2015-16 academic year, CLOAT plans to: • • • • • • Create criteria (in assessable language) for measuring the outcomes. Request program directors to align their program outcomes to the five learning outcomes. Request program directors to modify all fall 2016 syllabi to include the five outcomes. Request all instructors to continue to utilize the Course Objectives Assessment forms (known campus-wide as the Phase Four forms) to assess course objectives. Provide guidance to instructors to assure that direct tools and perhaps indirect tools are utilized for assessing course objectives. Initiate the steps for the development of a central repository for those forms. Additionally, CLOAT will create an annual report that will be posted on the college website based on data from the forms and indirect tools of assessment. These annual reports will be reviewed by CLOAT to assure the measurement of student learning and continuous improvement. The Five College Learning Outcomes will be implemented in fall 2016. CLOAT will be a standing committee and will meet on an ongoing basis. Recommendation 3 The evaluation committee recommends that the College develop and implement a regular evaluation process to assess the effectiveness of its academic advising program (Standards 2.C.1, 4.A.4, and 4.B.2). Response Great Falls College MSU is developing a regular evaluation process to assess the effectiveness of its academic advising. The Advising and Career Center will pilot an advising evaluation survey in the spring 2016 semester. The survey will be administered through Survey Gizmo through D2L Brightspace. Students will be notified of the survey through their advising shells in D2L Brightspace as well as during their meetings with advisors. All students will also be notified of the survey through a campus wide email. The evaluation survey will be based on National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) best practices. Great Falls College Montana State University 21