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Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations Executive Summary of Eligibility Requirements 1-3 Eligibility Requirement 1. Operational Status The institution has completed at least one year of its principal educational programs and is operational with students actively pursuing its degree programs at the time of the Commission accepting an institution’s Application for Consideration for Eligibility. The institution has graduated at least one class in its principal educational program(s) before the Commission’s evaluation for initial accreditation. Great Falls College (GFC MSU) has been accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) since 1979. Eligibility Requirement 2. Authority The institution is authorized to operate and award degrees as a higher education institution by the appropriate governmental organization, agency, or governing board as required by the jurisdiction in which it operates. Great Falls College MSU is authorized to deliver certificates and degrees by the Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education, the state’s public higher education governing board. Eligibility Requirement 3. Mission and Core Themes The institution’s mission and core themes are clearly defined and adopted by its governing board(s) consistent with its legal authorization, and are appropriate to a degree-granting institution of higher education. The institution’s purpose is to serve the educational interest of its students and its principal programs lead to recognized degrees. The institution devotes all, or substantially all, of its resources to support its educational mission and core themes. Great Falls College MSU’s mission and core themes epitomize the mission of the comprehensive community college and were adopted by the Montana Board of Regents, the college’s governing board, in September 2015. As a comprehensive two year college, GFC MSU’s primary purpose is to serve the students and community through a focus on teaching and learning and to award students with recognized post-secondary credentials aligned with their educational goals. The college allocates all of its resources to this end. Great Falls College Montana State University 23