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Core Indicator 1.2.2: Workforce Program Degrees and Graduates Rationale: The credentials awarded after the completion of applied programs indicate that students have acquired the necessary skills and competencies for entry into gainful employment or advancement in their current occupational areas. Measurement: The number of workforce degrees, certificates or other college credentials granted annually by Great Falls College MSU. Measurement: Unduplicated number of graduates who earn a workforce degree, certificate or other college credential within an academic year. Core Indicator 1.2.3: Graduate Employment Rationale: The degree to which students are employed during the year following their graduation is a good indicator of whether students are graduated with the necessary skills and competencies for employment. Measurement: The proportion of the graduates from workforce programs who are employed all four quarters of the year following their graduation. Data are obtained from the Montana Department of Labor and Industry. Data do not include graduates who are self-employed or who are employed out of state. Objective 1.3: Provide specialized instruction in response to industry needs. Core Indicator 1.3.1: Customized Training Enrollment Rationale: The number of enrollments in customized training indicates the number of current employees who are seeking training and to what degree they are advancing their skills in response to current industry needs. This is an indicator of how the college is fulfilling its mission to educate community members. Measurement: Total enrollments (duplicated headcount) in specialized instruction during the academic year. Core Indicator 1.3.2: Customized Training Demand Rationale: The number of companies whose employees are receiving specialized instruction indicates the degree to which specialized instruction is responding to current industry needs. Measurement: Number of companies who contracted for specialized training for their employees during the academic year. Great Falls College Montana State University 28