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Conclusion Throughout this report, there have been quotes from our “It Takes All of Us” webpage. These are excerpts of stories highlighting what people on campus are doing to help a student come back tomorrow. While these stories are wonderful, what is truly amazing is the work the faculty and staff are doing every single day to help a student come back tomorrow and to make the college mission a reality. Great Falls College MSU believes that its new mission statement – To Educate and Inspire You – reflects its focus on students. The mission statement contains an underlying power and depth of purpose yet is concise –easily remembered and used in conversations, in presentations and in written communications. The mission also reflects the college’s belief that education and inspiration drive its vision to strengthen communities through excellence, innovation, and collaboration. The values guide the paths the college will take and determine how the college will act in its everyday and longer term strategies to achieve its mission and vision. All were carefully crafted in keeping with the college’s overriding dedication to its students. In order to fulfill that mission, the college adopted four core themes: Workforce Development, Transfer Preparation, Academic Preparation and Community Development. These define general areas in which the college will work to fulfill its mission. Objectives provide specifics of what the college is trying to achieve in those four areas. All of the above were developed through an open process that included campus-wide brainstorming sessions, as well as work sessions with specific campus bodies whose voices were critical in drafting these documents – the College Planning, Budget and Analysis Committee (a body that includes representatives of all campus divisions), the Faculty Senate and the Executive Team. Core indicators are how the college will measure its progress. Each core theme has objectives and core indicators directly related to measuring progress in achieving those objectives. The annual and seven-year targets set by the Core Theme task forces and CPBAC will guide CPBAC and the Executive Team in setting strategies and allocating resources to meet those targets. The task forces will report to CPBAC semi-annually. Annual performance reports will allow CPBAC, Faculty Senate and the Executive Team to judge how well the college is fulfilling its mission. Great Falls College Montana State University 33