Accreditation Process
The Commission recently modified the ten year accreditation cycle with nine standards to a seven year accreditation cycle with five standards. The new standards are as follows:

  1. Mission, Core Themes, Expectations
  2. Resources and Capacity
  3. Planning and Implementation
  4. Effectiveness and Improvement
  5. Mission Fulfillment, Adaptation, Sustainability

GFC MSU Graduates

Accreditation Cycle

Great Falls College MSU began the current accreditation cycle in 2016. The schedule for the cycle is as follows:

  • Year One Report and Virtual Site Visit – Standard One – Due March 1, 2016. View the year one report HERE.
  • Year Three Report and Virtual Site Visit – Standard Two – Due March 1, 2018
  • Year Seven Report and Site Visit – Standards Three, Four, Five – Due March 2, 2022

Accreditation Liaison Officer to the NWCCU

Heidi Pasek
Associate Dean/CAO

2100 16th Avenue South
Great Falls, MT 59405