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serious students who struggle to attend college. Development Board Seeks Scholarships The college looks to its Great Falls College MSU Development Board to share the need for scholarships with the community. Since 2010, the Great Falls College MSU Development Board has been visible in the community. Development Board members actively provide information for those interested in creating endowed scholarships or those who want to add funding to scholarships that are already in place so that additional students can benefit. No amount is too small. Donor gifts of all sizes are leveraged against other gifts to make an impact on students. Emphasis has also been placed on scholarships which pay for childcare at the Bright Beginning Learning Center located on campus. Students know their children are in a healthy environment while they themselves are in classes or studying. Of the 47 college students who utilized the daycare center this last year, five received scholarships for daycare. Additional scholarships are needed. Establishing a Scholarship Provides a Student with a New Beginning “Earning a college degree or certificate develops the individual,” said Tom Hanks, the actor, in a May 2015 issue of Reader’s Digest. “I drove past [California’s Hayward Community College] campus a few years ago with one of my kids and summed up my two years there this way, ‘That place made me what I am today’.” Through scholarships, Great Falls College MSU can give more students a shot at a life-changing experience that attaining a degree or certificate at a two-year college can provide. If you have ever dreamed of a college education, don’t hesitate. Walk through the big front doors of Great Falls College MSU and enter Student Central. Find out if financial assistance might be available to you. Because you realize the financial struggle of completing a college degree, commit a selfless act by providing financial assistance for someone in your community whom you may not know, but who wants to seek new horizons, to learn, and to begin a new career. ISSKSINIIP Scholarship Moves Recipient Toward Her Goals For the last three years, the ISSKSINIIP Project , which pays tuition, books and supplies, and other select expenses, has given a number students studying in healthcare programs at six Montana colleges the ability to continue their education. For Tahran Elder, who studied to be a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at GFC MSU, the scholarship lightened a heavy financial burden from her husband’s shoulders the last semester she was in college. After graduating in May 2014, she went to work at the Grandview Rehabilitation Center for a year, but she knew she was just getting started in attaining her educational goals. She is currently enrolled in the LPN to RN (Registered Nurse) Transition course at GFC MSU. Growing up, Tahran had wanted to be a teacher. Then she took the training to become a Certified Nurse Attendant (CNA), and she loved being with patients. It was then she decided to take the next step in her education by enrolling in the LPN program. “When I started back to college, I told myself that I was a mother to my three children first. I want those who are thinking about going to college to know that I didn’t miss attending my children’s activities. I was satisfied with being an A and B student.” The family pulled together while Tahran was taking classes. Although she felt that she should have been working, her husband told her that he would take care of the finances and she should study. He took a better paying job, but it was as an over-the-road trucker. He was gone a majority of the time. No one enjoyed that, but it was necessary. Her mother and grandmother also stepped in to help. “I had a fantastic support team,” Tahran said. In the evenings she and the children studied for school together. “I wanted to show my children that having a good education was worth the effort that it took. We made study time comfortable and fun.” Tahran’s family knows about and supports her in continuing her education. She plans to attain a bachelor’s degree in nursing after she becomes a registered nurse. “Then I’m going for my master’s degree in nursing. I found that I have thoroughly enjoyed opportunities to mentor some of the staff at Grandview. I want to put my two loves together by teaching nursing. I will get there in time.” Good Luck Tahran!