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College Planning, Budget, Analysis Committee (CPBAC). Meeting throughout the year, the group has a hand in all facets of college decision making and is institutionalized to ensure the work needed to achieve the college’s mission is on target, tracked, and appropriately funded. CPBAC memberships includes individuals representing all of the departments and divisions at Great Falls College MSU, including classified staff, faculty and students. The four-part charge of the committee is to 1) communicate the budgeting, planning & analysis process to campus stakeholders and constituents, 2) gather and interpret institutional CPBAC committee is the embodiment of Great Falls College MSU’s commitment to shared governance. data to evaluate the performance and effectiveness at the institutional, divisional and departmental level, 3) lead the development and aggregation of budget projections, strategic and annual plans, and 4) work with college leadership to allocate resources strategically to improve overall institutional effectiveness. In accordance with open meeting laws and to honor transparency, CPBAC meetings are open to the campus community and public.