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Who We Serve Deciding to attend college can be a difficult decision. There are questions that need to be answered. The Admissions office at Great Falls College MSU is designed to be the resource students need to answer those questions. The Admissions office is a student’s directional compass, a cheerleader, a sounding board and an accountability partner. Admissions personnel are a student’s personal search engines—“Google” of the academic world. Any question a student has, Admissions will find the answer. Admissions can help with a full spectrum of questions associated with anything prior to the first day of class: Is the student ready for college? GFC MSU STATS AVERAGE CLASS SIZE 17 18 / 1 71 % OF STUDENTS RELY ON FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE STUDENT TO FACULTY RATIO 70 % What are the student’s interests? What is the student’s skill set? How does a student connect their interest to a degree? Are jobs available with that degree? What options are available to assist with paying for college? What is an advisor? What is a PIN? What password? AVERAGE AGE OF GFC MSU STUDENTS 10 % 29 OF STUDENTS WORKING AT LEAST PART-TIME OF STUDENTS ARE VETERANS, OR SPOUSES AND/ OR DEPENDENTS OF VETERANS Where are rooms located? PERCENT OF STUDENTS RAISING CHILDREN What are the deadlines? Where do students get their books? Maybe it’s not just the student with these questions, maybe it’s their family. Admissions will work with the student and the family to ensure a full understanding before sitting down for the first class. 37 % 36% OF STUDENT BODY WHO ARE FIRST GENERATION COLLEGE STUDENTS