Vacant Classified Staff at-large
Joel Sims Trades Director
Cheryl McGee Classified Staff at-large
Carmen Roberts Associate Dean of Administration & Finance/CFO
Dave Bonilla Director, Information Technology
Gary Smart Director of Facilities
Russ Motschenbacher Health Sciences Division Director
Heather Palermo Director, Lifelong Learning
Dr. Heidi Pasek Associate Dean/CAO
Jillian Ehnot Controller
Joseph Daysen Director of Admissions
Karen Vosen Classified Staff at-large
Kathy Meier Professional Staff at-large
Laura Wight Director of Library Services
Leah Habel Director of Financial Aid
Leanne Frost General Education & Transfer Division Director
Leonard Bates Faculty Senate Chair
Lewis Card Executive Director of Development, Marketing and Communications
Mary Kay Bonilla Executive Director of Human Resources & Associate Dean of Student Services
Susan Cooper Faculty Senate Representative
Student Government Representative Student Government Representative
Thomas Oakberg Faculty Senate Representative
Troy Stoddard Director of Advising and Career Center
Charla Merja Director of Academic Success Center

CPBAC - Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting)

Dr. Susan J. Wolff CEO/Dean - Chair
Dena Wagner-Fossen Registrar
Eleazar Ortega Institutional Researcher