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GFC MSU CEO/Dean's Award for Outstanding Adjunct Faculty

The CEO/Dean’s Award for Outstanding Adjunct Faculty recognizes outstanding adjunct faculty at Great Falls College Montana State University. It is awarded annually to one adjunct faculty member at the College who distinctly displays efforts to improve the quality of instruction epitomized by Great Falls College MSU. The recipient receives $500 and will be recognized at the annual Employee Recognition Reception.


To be eligible, applicants must be an adjunct faculty member who has taught a minimum of three (3) semesters at GFC MSU, recommended by a student or current employee of the College, and in good standing in the areas of performance and attendance. The semesters taught do not have to be concurrent.


Adjunct faculty may be nominated based on any of the following criteria:

1. Instructional effectiveness:

  • Encourages and employs active learning
  • Creates and offers many options for learning
  • Provides prompt and constructive feedback
  • Assesses student learning through documentation
  • Encourages the development of the College Learning Outcomes
  • Understands current trends and issues related to pedagogy and the discipline
  • Increased utilization of instructional technology


2. Student Centeredness:

  • Efforts to recruit and/or retain students
  • Promotes positive student relationships
  • Encourages collaboration and cooperation among students (through group work or projects, collaborative learning communities, service learning, or other mechanisms)
  • Engages learners as full partners in the learning process


Members of the Selection Committee are appointed annually by the CEO/Dean and comprised of the Chief Student Affairs and Human Resources Officer, one (1) full-time faculty members, and one (1) representative of the Associated Students of Great Falls College MSU.
Nominees may not serve on the Committee.

Contact Information

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