2020 Employee Recognition Awards

 Great Falls College has some Great Folks!

Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty?  Helped out in a pinch?  Is an overall pleasure to work with day after day?  Great Folks is our on-campus Employee Recognition Program designed to recognize random acts of exceptional service.  These certificates invite a personalized description of the act being commended and serve as a reminder of the thoughtful and creative ways we work together to accomplish our shared goals.


Going the extra mile







Fostering community connections


Respect & courtesy


Outstanding service


Excellent work


Laughter & humor


A+ attitude




Teaching excellence


Special people


Click HERE for the GREAT FOLKS Nomination Form.

MSU Pure Gold

The Pure Gold program provides an opportunity to recognize Montana State University faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends for their contributions across all MSU campuses. Whether it's an individual act, or a sustained effort of exemplary service, nominate outstanding MSU faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends using the form below. Acknowledge their commitment to our university system; they are Pure Gold!

To read more about the Pure Gold award and nominate someone from our campus, click below!


CEO/Dean’s Awards

Each year, the campus is asked to nominate people for the CEO/Dean's Awards.  Our very own Dr. Wolff reviews each nomination carefully and chooses the recipients.

The Dean’s Awards for Teaching Excellence, Staff Excellence, and Outstanding Adjunct Faculty are awarded annually to one teaching faculty member, one staff member, and one adjunct instructor at the College who distinctly represent the teaching and/or overall excellence epitomized by community colleges and at Great Falls College MSU.

To read more and nominate, please visit the link below: