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This recorded Pronoun Training presented by Micah McFeely, Interim Program Manager, MSU Diversity & Inclusion, is content from MSU’s Safe Zone training to cover basics of gender, sexual identity, and assigned sex.

Below is information from Montana State University’s website regarding pronoun usage: 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between sex and gender? Sex and gender are typically viewed as the same, but they are in fact different.  Sex is biological and is based on things like your chromosomes and hormones.  Sex is frequently described with the terms “male” and “female,” but not everyone falls into those two sexes.  Gender is how someone identifies themselves and is not based on chromosomal or hormonal factors.  Gender is frequently described with the terms “man” and “woman,” but not everyone falls into these two genders.
  • What are pronouns and why are they important? Pronouns are words used in place of names, such as “he,” “her,” “his,” etc.  Pronouns typically are based on gender, such as using “she” for a woman.  Some people will prefer a gender-neutral pronoun, such as “they.”  Because gender is such an integral part of identity, using the appropriate/correct personal pronoun is an important part of respectful interaction with another person.  If you aren’t sure what pronoun to use when talking to someone, it is okay to ask!

LGBTQ+ Identity, Terminology, and Pronoun Information (PDF)

Pronoun Training Video 2020

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