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Earn College Credit for what you already know

What is Prior Learning Assessment?

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a set of well-established, researched, and validated methods for assessing learning for college credit. It allows any student demonstrate knowledge, competencies, and skills in a particular field or fields and have that learning evaluated for college credit by faculty subject matter experts.

Why Pursue Prior Learning Assessment?

Prior Learning Assessment may allow you to earn college credit for skills you already have that are applicable to your degree, it may shorten the length of time to graduation, and may help save you money.

How is Prior Learning Assessed?

  • Standardized Tests (CLEP, DANTES/DSST, UExcel, AP and IB)
  • American Council on Education (ACE) and National College Credit Recommendations Service (NCCRS)
  • Faculty-Developed Assessments, including:
    • Challenge Exams
    • Portfolio Assessments
    • Individual Performance Assessment
    • Locally-Evaluated Industry and Workplace Education/Training Program Credit

Who is Eligible?

  • Credit may be granted only to admitted students to GFC MSU
  • Students seeking PLA via portfolio, challenge exams, or other faculty‐determined assessment methods must be current enrolled at GFC MSU in a degree-seeking program.
  • GFC MSU does not allow prior learning assessment for prospective students.

To read more about the eligibility, transferability, view the GFC MSU policy and procedure websites:

If you are interested in finding out if you qualify for PLA speak to your Academic Advisor in the Advising and Career Center.

To Learn More About PLA:

Contact The Advising and Career Center: