Region II Middle School Science Fair

Grades 6-8


The Montana Region II Middle School Science Fair takes place on Thursday, March 15, 2018, at Great Falls College MSU. It is affiliated with the Broadcom MASTERS Fair, a program of the Society for Science & the Public. BroadcomMASTERS (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering Rising Stars), is the premier science and engineering competition for middle school students. The Region II Middle School Science Fair will nominate the top 10% of projects in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades - both individual and team projects in biological and physical sciences to enter this prestigious competition. After submitting the online application, 300 semifinalists are selected and 30 finalists present their research projects and compete in team hands-on STEM challenges to demonstrate their skills in critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. 


Before experimentation begins, the Montana Region II Science and Engineering Fair Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Scientific Review Committee (SRC) must review and approve most projects involving human participants, vertebrate animals, and potentially hazardous biological agentsNote: If a project involves the testing of a student designed invention, prototype or concept by a human, an IRB review and approval may be required prior to experimentation. Please expect three to five working days for the local IRB/SRC to review your submission. See Human Participants Rules for details. For more information, visit


Who Can Enter the Science Fair Competition?

All students from grades 6-8 in our seven-county region are invited to enter the science fair competition. Students compete for trips, cash prizes, and awards. Please see the Region II Science Fair Handbook for more information. 


Some professional and industrial organizations provide awards in the form of cash prizes, certificates of merit, medallions, plaques, ribbons, scholarships, and gift items.

Students are encouraged to read over the awards list paying special attention to the criteria and decide if you want to design your project with a special award in mind.

Don’t forget that awards are also given for craftsmanship, creativity and artistic qualities. The judges will determine which projects will be considered for these kinds of awards when they have reviewed all of the projects.

For a list of awards and criteria, see our Middle School Awards and Criteria page.

Contact Information:

Leanne Frost

Dr. Leanne Frost
Great Falls College MSU
2100 16th Avenue South
Great Falls, MT 59405


Institutional Review Board

Leanne Frost, Ed.D. 
General Studies Division Director

Brenda Canine, Ph.D.  
Biology Faculty

Daniel Casmier, Ph.D.  
Chemistry Faculty

Elfriede Neber, M.S.  
Behavioral Science Faculty

Russel Motschenbacher, M.S.N.
Nursing Program Director/Faculty


Scientific Review Committee

Leanne Frost, Ed.D.
General Studies Division Director

Brenda Canine, Ph.D.  
Biology Faculty

Daniel Casmier, Ph.D.  
Chemistry Faculty

Raimund Hahn, M.S.
Registered Professional Geologist