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RevUP Mantana

RevUP Montana

RevUP Montana, also known as Strengthening Workforce Alignment in Montana’s Manufacturing and Energy Industries (SWAMMEI), is a $25 million grant-funded initiative to create cost-effective training programs, accessible from anywhere in Montana, that link low-skilled workers with jobs that enhance our manufacturing and energy workforce and bolster the state's economic opportunities.
A partnership between Montana's two-year colleges and the Montana Department of Labor, RevUP Montana is designed to get students into good paying jobs quickly.  By meeting the specific needs of local employers, aligning curriculum with national industry-recognized credentials and providing opportunities for enhanced on-the-job training, RevUP Montana programs offer businesses a better pool of candidates.

welderGet in touch with our project staff and let them know about your workforce needs!

Workforce Training Programs

Starting Fall 2014! (Short-term, one-year and two-year programs)

Manufacturing Industry Training

  • Machining - CTS, CAS and AAS programs
    (Includes HAAS® and NIMS® credentials)
  • Welding & Welding Fabrication - CTS, AAS and CAS programs
    (Includes NCCER® and AWS® credentials)
  • Industrial Electronics - CTS, CAS and AAS programs
    (Includes ETA-1® credentials)
  • Industrial Maintenance - CTS, CAS and AAS programs

semi truckEnergy Industry Training

  • Diesel Mechanic Technician-CAS and AAS programs 
    (AAS programs also articulate into MSUN 4-year BS program)
  • Oil and Gas - Short-term programs
    (Includes Safeland USA® and IACD Rig Pass® credentials)
  • Energy Technology - CTS, CAS and AAS programs
    (Includes NCCER® credentials)
  • COL/Heavy Equipment Operations - short-terms and CTS programs

We would enjoy the opportunity to get your feedback on our curriculum and training programs!

The National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC)

The NCRC tests an individual's non-technical workplace competencies or "soft skills". Use of the NCRC has been shown to decrease time-to-hire and increase employee retention rates when used by employers as an aid in their hiring processes. RevUP Montana provides an opportunity for businesses and workers to try out the NCRC free of charge.  If you are interested, please get in touch with the Workforce Navigator {listed below) in your region for more information.

Workforce Navigators

Workforce Navigators (WFN) are a valuable new resource for employers and your potential employees. WFNs were hired in many regions in the state to perform two primary functions: (1) build relationships with unemployed, underemployed and incumbent workers looking for jobs with emerging businesses, and (2) build stronger relationships with businesses. More specifically WFNs can help ensure that the training programs in the state are meeting your workforce needs and connect you with workers who have the skills and experience to fill your job vacancies.  Please see the contact information below for RevUP Montana WFNs in Montana.

For more information: Great Falls College MSU Welding Technology Program

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