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Great Falls College MSU contracts with Usablenet Inc., to extend access of this site to assistive technologies — like screen-reading devices — in accordance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and W3C WCAG 2.0 web accessibility guidelines.


Usablenet Assistive services are especially useful for people and situations for which:

  • graphics cannot be seen (e.g. blind persons, text-only browsers, ...);
  • sizes of the page elements have to changed (e.g. a low-vision persons that maximizes the browser windows to enlarge its contents; a PDA user who has to fit everything on a small screen);
  • size of text that has to be changed (e.g. a low-vision person or when a presenter that has to project a web page to an audience via a projector);
  • links and buttons have to be easily located and operated (e.g. a person with motor disabilities that cannot move his/her hand with precision, like somebody with a broken arm);
  • form fields need to be easily laid out to be used (e.g. a low vision person using a screen magnifier that restricts his/her field of vision).


Usablenet’s Assistive

  • Pages are based on CSS and do not constrain character size nor font family, so page layout is fluid that is fully adaptable to the visitor's browser window;
  • Adds new CSS rules to the output page to let the user change color theme and font size of the web page.
  • Places links into unordered lists, when possible, to allow for easy navigation;
  • Removes links having "javascript:" protocols, which are not accessible (i.e. WCAG 6.3);
  • Removes all scripts and style sheets.
  • Replaces scripts with the content of the NOSCRIPT tag, when present;
  • Replaces frames and framesets with a page that can simultaneously display (in text-mode) all the content of all the frames to provide users with
  • Ignores NOFRAMES elements;
  • Replaces images with the valued defined by the ‘ALT’ tag;
  • If no ALT is provided, the TITLE attribute is used in it’s place;
  • Image is removed all together when neither ALT not TITLE are specified;
  • If the image is used as a button and it does not contain an ALT or a TITLE, the button will be replaced with the "Go to URL-LOCATION" call to action or simply the final destination page name, for which URL-LOCATION is the final destination to which the CTA points;
  • Transforms client side image maps into simple lists of links contained in AREA elements;
  • Uses the ALT tag of each AREA element as label for its link.
  • If ALT is not provided, a "Go to URL" link is added;
  • Substitutes Graphical submit buttons in forms with textual buttons;
  • A textual button label is obtained from ALT attribute if it is present, otherwise the word "submit" is used;
  • Adds submit buttons to javascript driven forms (i.e. forms that do not have a submit button) so that the form can be submitted without the use of javascript;
  • Substitutes inline frames with links to the documents to which they refer;
  • Meta keywords and meta descriptions are not changed;
  • Objects are substituted with the text-only version of their content, if any; objects are removed otherwise;
  • Applets are substituted with the text-only version of their content;
  • If an applet has no content, the ALT attribute is used; otherwise applets are removed;
  • Linearizes all layout tables;
  • Linearizes form controls and labels that are correctly marked with positioning of labels with respect to the controls they refer to.
  • In particular the content of the LABEL tag is placed before or after the form control it refers to (depending on whether the control is a text field, radio button, checkbox or select menu).
  • If no LABEL is specified but TITLE is given, then the content of TITLE is placed before or after the control;
  • Javascript form validations can be processed server side.



Settings are saved using cookies and are available to a Usablenet Assistive user (if cookies are enabled by his/her browser).


We are excited to provide this opportunity to our students with disabilities. We will be launching this service in the next few months. At that time, the text only link will activate and send you to the new text only websites.


Katherine Meier
Phone/TDD: 406.771.4311
FAX: 406.771.4342