Program Goals

To fulfill this mission, and in preparing the students for successful program completion, licensure, and practice, the Program will:

  1. Provide a comprehensive curriculum that reflects current practice, prepares students for future demands, and responds to community needs.

  2. Offer challenging educational experiences that continually integrate theory with practice, and promote critical thinking, problem solving skills, and assumption of responsibility for learning.

  3. Establish and maintain high standards for student performance in clinical skills, patient management, and professional interaction.

  4. Instill respect for and adherence to the professional Code of Ethics, legal guidelines of practice, and standards of quality care.

  5. Emphasize the role of the Dental Hygienist as patient educator involved in community health and wellness activities, and the importance of ongoing professional development to maintain currency and effectiveness in practice.


GFC MSU Dental Clinic 

Phone: (406) 771-4364