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The sound John Kay in my community there is a legend that no one knows the origin of a sound that permeates the air in all direction they say it is the sound of the great waterfalls while others say it emanates from the big medicine river I know it is the sound of water bursting forth through a portal of time thousands of years old echoing through the rocks and natural crystalline formations the sound is high-pitched rings in the morning and a solid ohm in the afternoon thundering booms at sunset then snaps, pops, and crackles at twilight at night the hollowness of bells turning whispers and chirps at dawn all in this place bountiful with the sound of water it still runs in the times of greatest silence and even though a great city is there now between the roar of traffic, beneath the hustle of footsteps and behind the confusion caused by the magical moment when there is the kindest pause you can still hear the ghostly singer and she sings of water, water telling everywhere 24