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Credits FACULTY EDITORS Leigh Ann Ruggiero, MFA Mandy Wright, MA, MEd READERS Rachael Gray Hawk Rita Judge Beth Price Morrison Heather Palermo Michael Shell Maria Sylvester SPECIAL THANKS Leanne Frost GFCMuse is in its inaugural year as a journal of arts on the Great Falls College Montana State University campus. GFC MSU is a two-year college with associate degrees in the arts and sciences. Each issue of GFCMuse is meant to showcase the talent of our students, fac- ulty, and staff. All submissions, including a bio in the third-person, should be sent as an attachment to GFCMuse is published with 3D Issue and can be found here: The journal can also be printed on de- mand. Research has been cited in MLA Style. Cover art: Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry. Charles Meynier [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Saint-Andrew’s Queen font by Jellyka Nerevan 2016 © GFCMuse 5