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Myself? Merci Lee Self-inflicted Emotionally invested Of course becoming physically dependent Given my blood line, it truly was expected I should have never even messed with it Euphoric bliss quickly turned into psychological dependence The desire feels innate… Like the need for water The burning, bone-dry, almost breathless feeling when dehydration sets in so deep You develop cottonmouth that foams out the corners of your mouth, it begins to seep If you don’t have it, you feel like you’ll disintegrate. This path of restoration leads to severe depression I figured by now I would have learned a much-needed lesson. I got here by myself, Self-inflicted I gave it my all, Emotionally invested I accidently spread my seed, To her blood line I hope she will do better than me, And never mess with it. After all, The only thing guaranteed in life is Death & The only constant is Change 44