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Editor’s Note Here it is, volume one, with a little help from every corner of campus: from the Weaver Library; from Lifelong Learning; from the Academic Success Center; from faculty members. We started this journal so that students on campus would have an outlet for their creative pursuits. The worry was that our campus already had plenty of similar outlets: Science Fridays, Phi Theta Kappa, stu- dent-run cinema clubs, the GFC MSU College Community Choir. But none of those outlets is quite like this one. We are a journal publishing anything to which we can affix the descriptor “art,” and expect that in years to come we will establish ourselves as a fun and intel- lectually diverse hub not just of the campus but of the community at large. At Great Falls College many students, faculty, and staff are looking for more than a new beginning or change in scenery. They seek a mental flexibility that they’ve been missing elsewhere. May they find it here. -Leigh Ann Finding time for creative pursuits in our busy day-to-day lives is a challenge. The opportunity to work on this journal was a creative outlet for me and it has been incredibly fun and rewarding to see all of the submissions we received. The Great Falls College campus is full of people with hidden (and not so hid- den) talents, and this journal offers a small insight into what our students, faculty, and staff are capable of. Leigh Ann deserves a big “thank you” for making this first volume move from an idea that has been kicked around by different people for a few years into something real. Her perseverance and leadership made this journal happen. We look forward to continuing this publication in the years to come. We hope you’ll join us in showcas- ing the art created on the GFC MSU campus. - Mandy 6