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Contributor Notes Sarah Boston is a local artist who specializes in realistic graphite portraits of people and animals. She is cur- rently attending GFC MSU and plans to transfer to Montana State University this fall to continue with a degree in Fine Arts. All three of her submissions are drawn using graphite pencils. Kristen Cox is a quirky graphic design student at Great Falls College. While her specialty is in the visual arts, Kristen enjoys trying her hand at most creative pursuits and has been writing poetry off and on since she was eight-years old. When not arting, writing, or studying, Kristen enjoys the challenge of a good game of Go, vari- ous other strategy games, sword fighting, and reading on the couch with her cats. She's always up for a good debate and is currently having a blast in the GFC MSU College Community Choir. You can find her art gallery at Rachael Gray Hawk is a Native American author who has been writing since she was in 5th grade. She was born in northeastern Montana. Most of her earlier writing is poetry. She has written over 500 poems and has been published three times. It wasn’t until she took a creative writing class that she realized she liked to create stories. Her favorite genre to write is fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy. She hopes to publish her short stories in the future. 22-year-old Tori Gandia is originally from Ireland. She moved to America four years ago to pursue a career as a racehorse jockey. Now she is working on becoming a pilot with a degree in Aviation, which she will obtain after transferring to Montana State University next semester. Austin Hammatt is a high school senior who is taking college classes at Great Falls College. He has been home- schooled throughout elementary, junior high, and high school (so far). He is an Eagle Scout and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He loves the outdoors—that includes mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and fling a quad-copter. He also loves racquetball and is active in music. Chelsea Hart is a full-time student at GFC MSU. She lives in Great Falls, Montana, with her husband and has also lived in New Mexico and Alaska. After obtaining her Associate of Arts, Chelsea plans to continue on at a four-year university and major in English. Breana Hylla has always been interested in music and photography. She’s been playing the violin for almost 8 years now, both in the pit for many musicals and in the Great Falls Symphony. Breana didn't find an interest in photography until her junior year of high school. Her senior year she joined yearbook in hopes of learning more about photography. With the help of Beth Britton and her friend Tom Gruner she became the photographer she is today. Breana hopes to learn even more about photography in the future. John Kay is a GFC MSU student currently seeking his Physical Therapy Assistant certification. He is a fifth- generation Montanan and lifelong resident of Great Falls. He enjoys a diverse background of occupations includ- ing: real estate, construction, insurance sales, sign painting, restaurant services, baking and being a farmhand. John has only been writing creatively for a few years and draws upon life experiences and past histories for his inspiration. His observations of the human condition produce stories and poems about love, hardships, sorrows, and the ability to triumph in even the most adverse conditions. Besides poetry, John enjoys writing short stories, taking factual historical baselines, and embellishing them to become fantasy and pure fiction. 51