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Contents (4) Credits (7) Rachael Gray Hawk, “Not Your Average Fairy-Tale Ending,” poem (8) Breana Hylla, “Wanderlust,” photograph (9) Sarah Boston, “Marilyn,” graphite (10) Chelsea Hart, “Leaves,” short fiction (11) Kara Smith, “Disaster’s Path,” photograph (12) Luke Volkomener, “Applying Epictetus’s Philosophies,” essay (14) Breana Hylla, “Someone to Look up to,” photograph (15) Kristen Cox, “Ponderings,” poem (16) Sarah Boston, “Sitting Bull,” graphite (17) Tressa Mancini, “Burning Aurora,” short fiction (22) Tori Gandia, Untitled, graphite (23) John Kay, “The sound,” poem (24) Tori Gandia, Untitled, photograph (25) Rachael Gray Hawk, “Kindness of Survival,” fiction excerpt (29) Luke Volkomener, Untitled, oil on stretched canvas (30) Austin Hammatt, “Another Exodus,” essay (34) John Kay, “a down town,” poem (35) Sarah Boston, “Chief Joseph,” graphite (36) Jeanine Schoessler, “Beautiful Storm,” poem (37) Kara Smith, “Rainy Day,” photograph (38) Anonymous, “Hope Whispers,” poem (39) Luke Volkomener, “The Problem with the Next Small Step for Man,” essay (43) Merci Lee, “Myself?,” poem (44) Kara Smith, “Truck in the Country,” photograph (45) John Kay, “shake me upside down,” poem (46) Breana Hylla, “Silent in the Trees (1 and 2),” photographs (48) Maria Sylvester, “The Heebie-Jeebies,” essay (50) Contributor Notes 7