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returning to Walden University to pursue her doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision. Michelle was hired on as an Assistant Pro- fessor of Psychology and Counseling in 2015. She has dabbled in various art forms over the years including mixed-media acrylics, pot- tery, oil painting, and writing. She began working on her artwork in earnest when her husband, Curtis, was deployed to Afghanistan with the Army Reserves from 2010 to 2011. When not working on her dis- sertation, she spends her spare time reading and traveling, which both serve as an inspiration for her artwork. Mandilynn Lee is currently an adjunct instructor for the GFC MSU nursing program and an RN at Benefis. She has always loved photog- raphy and continues to search for moments in life to capture in ways people may not see. She has a love for scenery and black and white photos, but says, “Living in Montana allows for true brilliant colors to come alive in our outdoors. You just have to take the time to appreciate what we have here surrounding us every day.” Kristina Rauscher is from Conrad, Montana, where she works as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. She is attending the University of Great Falls and will be graduating in the May of 2017. Her major is mathe- matics. Maria Sylvester is the author of “Into the Wild.” Doug Zander is a welding instructor and photographer. His dad in- spired him to start taking pictures four years ago which developed into a passionate hobby. He has a skill not only for teaching others but for seeing the beauty in things and shares this through his photography. He is the proud owner of Zander Art Gallery. 47