Rachael Gray Hawk
In a time before the world got
complicated, I ran with the coyotes.

Sang with the wolves under the
swollen, pale belly of the moon.

Spirit free and uncaged.

The wind whispered my name
and the mud sucked on my toes.

The rain bathed my soul.

The clouds formed soft wisps that
blended with peaches and pinks of the setting sun.

At the top of the mountain,
I looked out at the sun and
Earth with her creatures, happy and safe.

I needed this so badly.

In the distance, I can hear reality
slowly tugging at these strings.

But I refuse to move. I crave to howl
with the wolves and to let the wind
run its fingers through my hair.

I can feel the sun warming my face.

Here, before the world told me who
to be, my soul is free.