Fool Who Hath Loved You
Rachael Gray Hawk
Just when I think all the traces of you had scattered,
I hear about you.

Suddenly, my heart quickens.

Did you get my number?
Did she give it to you so you could call me?
No, she said.

My heart begins to slow… no?
Why’d she tell you no?!
Ugh. I slumped in my chair.

I miss your voice, old friend.

I miss your angry criticism,
Your annoying singing, your pictures,
Your laughter.

We fell apart and Emma hated me for it.

She loved talking to you forever.

Loved how you’d make her hit me
Whenever I would cuss.

Those were the days, ah yes, those were the days…
She wanted to see you so much,
Mom did too.

I know, inside, I wanted to see you too.

But I closed my heart to you,
Feeling the worry so deep.

I cried tears of remembered love.

Tears of a fool who hath loved you.

Or perhaps it was you who were the fool
Who hath loved me?

Lichtenberg Figure N
Lichtenberg Figure Z
Dan Casmier
Two Lichtenberg figures produced on quarter-inch plywood using a
12,000V neon sign transformer as the electrical source