A Hero Given Wings
Elizabeth Evans
Just seventeen years old, you joined the army.

Little did you know, you would soon be recognized
As World War II’s most decorated soldier.

Fighting off two-hundred and forty enemy Germans,
You became an army legend, not yet reaching twenty-one.

Earning the Medal of Honor and three Purple Hearts,
We proudly hold you as an American icon.

At twenty-four years old, Hollywood re-found your fame.

In forty-four movies and a TV series,
You became a favorite in our homes.

Ironically your last movie ever filmed,
“A Time for Dying” was never finished.

On May 28, 1971, after a fateful plane crash,
Your life was tragically cut short at just forty-five.

The world then knew that something dear was lost.

On a caisson drawn by six black horses,
The American flag draped across your casket,
You were laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

A Hero, Audie Murphy,
Heaven granted your wings, which were truly earned.