Contributor Notes
Dan Casmier has been a full-time chemistry faculty and natural sci-
ences department chair at Great Falls College Montana State University
since the Fall of 2012 after two years of adjunct instruction. He teaches
face-to-face and hybrid lecture/lab classes in organic and general chem-
istry. Cayden R. Diefenbach is the author of “Yet Here I Am.”
Elizabeth Evans was born in Spokane, Washington, but was raised in
Montana. She loves being outdoors while riding her horses, which led
her to the career choice of becoming an equine veterinarian. Elizabeth
watches old movies and TV shows, which are mostly Westerns. Audie
Murphy is one of her favorite actors, and she wanted to pay tribute to
this special hero. He, among many other cowboys, are so much a part
her life. They have all made Elizabeth into the person she is today and
the person she hopes to be in the future.

Rachael Gray Hawk is a Native American poet who grew up writing
as a way to escape from reality for a while. She loves to dabble in cre-
ative writing, especially science fiction pieces.

Chelsea Hart lives in Great Falls, Montana, with her husband and their
small dog. She will be graduating from Great Falls College with an
Associate of Arts this spring semester and plans to continue her educa-
tion at a four-year school, where she hopes to study English and
History. Michelle Hill was born and raised in Billings, Montana, and has loved
drawing and painting from a young age. She attended Montana State
University in Bozeman where she earned her bachelor's degree in psy-
chology with a minor in English literature. She went on to earn her
master's degree in counseling from the University of Great Falls in
2004. She worked in community mental health for over a decade before