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We think our profession is exciting, diverse, and rewarding, but we encourage you to see for yourself. Making a career choice is a big decision.

Indeed, being an effective respiratory therapist requires commitment and dedication. Respiratory therapists become valuable members of the health care team by applying the science and art of the profession to each of their patients. Prior to their professional career, respiratory care students work hard in learning this science and art.

To help you make an informed decision about such a commitment, we invite you to participate in a Professional Observation also know as "Clinical shadowing". During this Professional Observation, you will be assigned to a respiratory therapist at the local hospital. Arrangement can be made to do you professional Observation in your local area. At the hospital, you will have an opportunity to interact with both respiratory therapists and students and see them in action. You will be exposed to most areas of respiratory care throughout the facility. The therapist, student and respiratory faculty will be more then willing to answer all of you questions.

To schedule a Professional Observation, please contact us.

Contact Information:

Brian Cayko

Brian Cayko
Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory Care 

Office (406) 771-4359
Office (800) 446-2698 ext. 4359
FAX (406) 771-4317


Leonard Bates

Leonard Bates M.Ed, RRT, RCP 
Program Director, Respiratory Care

Office (406) 771-4360 
Office (800) 446-2698 ext. 4360 
FAX (406) 771-4317