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Tavi Townsend

"I can honestly say that going through the RT program changed my life for the better! I went into the program at the suggestion of my parents, who were tired of me working minimum wage jobs (two or three at a time), and living in their house, basically being irresponsible and refusing to grow up! While I can't say I have been thrilled with the "growing up" part, I learned responsibility as well as job skills I will have to fall back on for the rest of my life.

While I do not currently practice in the RT field, it is my past RT experience and education that led to my current position as Compliance Officer for General Distributing Company. I also keep my license current, and keep abreast of current trends in RT, so that some day I can return to the profession.

While practicing as an RT, I was an active member in the AARC, and the MSRC, even serving as MSRC president. This was a truly valuable experience that taught me many skills to be used in other aspects of life.

The rewarding feeling you get from caring for your patients and earning the trust of them, as well as their families, and going home each day knowing you have improved the quality of life for even one person, is a feeling that can not be replaced."

Tavi Townsend, RRT 
Compliance Officer 
General Distributing Company


Christine Stanish

"Great Falls College MSU-COT has a terrific respiratory therapy program. Following graduation I spent my first 5 years working in critical care and on the flight team and have been working as a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist at Deaconess Billings Clinic for the past several years. 2 years of specialized education in respiratory therapy made it possible to have a challenging and rewarding career with a great income.even in MT. It also helped me develop lasting personal and professional relationships."

Christine Stanish, RRT


Gayleen R. Bedwell

"Montana State University - College of Technology's Respiratory Care Program provided a highly organized and structured agenda to meet the requirements I needed to become an excellent therapist. Throughout this two-year program the primary focus was to teach in a method that enabled me as a student to pass the certification and registry on a first time basis. In addition, the layout of the clinical rotations allowed me to see exactly what I needed to accomplish within a given semester. In comparing the MSU program to colleges on the east coast, I think I was much more prepared to meet the challenges of the medical field than students I teach at Concord Hospital. I like to think of MSU-COT RCP program as a great example for other colleges to follow to ensure the students get a quality education.

MSU-COT Respiratory Care program has so much to offer for students looking for a quality education in Respiratory Therapy. I love a challenge and this was certainly an excellent foundation to build my knowledge of the medical field. Furthermore, I liked the fact that the student to teacher ratio was small so the professor was available to answer questions and overall it's a fun place to learn."

Gayleen R. Bedwell, B.A., RRT
Respiratory Therapist 
Concord Hospital 
Concord, New Hampshire

Contact Information:

Brian Cayko

Brian Cayko
Director of Clinical Education, Respiratory Care 

Office (406) 771-4359
Office (800) 446-2698 ext. 4359
FAX (406) 771-4317


Leonard Bates

Leonard Bates M.Ed, RRT, RCP 
Program Director, Respiratory Care

Office (406) 771-4360 
Office (800) 446-2698 ext. 4360 
FAX (406) 771-4317