Many students need preliminary math, science, and writing courses before enrolling in the program requirements. These courses may increase the total number of program credits. Students should review their math and writing placement before planning out their full program schedules.

Prerequisite Courses and Skills

Background in basic science and math is essential to prepare applicants to succeed in the RT Program.

Recommended (not required) courses:

BIOM 250Microbiology for Hlth Sci wLab *4
AHMS 144Medical Terminology3

Prior to admission to the RT program, students must have completed high school chemistry with a grade of B or above within the past five (5) years and demonstrate computer literacy. (Students without high school courses should consult the RT Program Director about the appropriate college coursework to meet this requirement.)

The Great Falls College MSU RT Program is a limited enrollment program, accepting a restricted number of students each year. Interested students are urged to contact the RT Program Directory or Advising and Career Center Advisors for student advising specific to admission requirements and criteria for program acceptance.

Prior to formal program acceptance, the applicant must successfully complete all of the program prerequisites with a minimum grade of C-.

Required Prerequisite Courses

BIOH 201Human Anat Phys I/Lab (= 301) **,+4
NOTE: UM Western students may substitute BIOB 160, BIOH 365 & BIOH 379 for GFC MSU BIOH 201 & BIOH 211. All 3 classes are required and must have a grade of C or higher (not C-) within the last 5 years of application.
WRIT 101College Writing I **,+3
Select one of the following:
COMX 115Intro to Interpersonal Communc +3
PSYX 100Introduction to Psychology +3
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology +3
Select one of the following:
M 121College Algebra **,+3
M 140College Math for Healthcare **,+3
Total Credits13

Program Course Requirements After Formal Acceptance

The courses below are to be taken in the order that they are listed. Admission into the RT Program and completion of the previous semester are required.

A grade of C- or above must be earned in all required courses to continue in and graduate from the program. CPR certification is a prerequisite for entrance into clinical courses. Each student is required to sign a clinical contract defining their professional responsibilities and behavior and must complete two to four weeks of clinic outside of Great Falls during the summer semester.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
AHRC 152 Respiratory Care *,+ 3
AHRC 155 Respiratory Physiology *,+ 3
AHRC 170 Respir Care Tech & Proced I *,+ 5
BIOH 211 Human Anat Phys II & Lab(=311) *,+ 4
AHRC 140 Respiratory Care Clinic I *,+ 3
AHRC 171 Resp Care Tech & Proced II *,+ 5
AHRC 180 Ventilator Management *,+ 3
AHRC 254 Pulmonary Assessment *,+ 2
AHRC 141 *,+ 4
AHRC 262 Neonatal Respiratory Care *,+ 3
Second Year
AHRC 240 Respiratory Care Clinic III *,+ 4
AHRC 245 Resp Care Clinical Seminar I *,+ 1
AHRC 251 Hemodynamic Monitoring *,+ 4
AHRC 274 Pulmonary Diseases *,+ 2
ECP 212 Advanced Cardiac Life Support *,+ 1
AHRC 241 Respiratory Care Clinic IV *,+ 4
AHRC 246 Resp Care Clinical Seminar II *,+ 1
AHRC 264 Respiratory Care In Alt Sites *,+ 1
AHRC 273 *,+ 2
AHRC 280 *,+ 2
ECP 241 Pediatric Advanced Life Supprt *,+ 1
HTH 120 IV Therapy for HC Providers *,+ 1
 Total Credits59