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Distance Education – NOT online

DEFINED BY ARC/STSA- distance education is a formal educational process in which the majority of synchronous or asynchronous instruction occurs when student and instructor are not in the same place. Distance education may employ correspondence study, audio, video, or computer technologies.

The distance education piece offered by Great Falls College MSU is not an online surgical technology program.  Students must attend classes in the Great Falls, Bozeman, or Billings, MT area. Through the distance education piece of this program, students are required to uphold the same rigor and time commitment that those located at the Great Falls College MSU campus. 

Lecture classes will be taught through WebEx from the Great Falls campus and students must attend classes at one of the designated class rooms to participate.  Lab classes will be taught by an instructor at your location in a designated lab space.  Clinical and Internship spots will be assigned to you by your lab instructor and may require you to travel out of your designated area to fulfill your minimal requirement of 120 surgical cases.

Participating Colleges:

  • Gallatin College MSU-Bozeman, MT
  • City College-MSU Billings-Billings, MT



Daisy Gibson, CST
Surgical Technology Program Director
(406) 771-4355
Office R237