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“Most institutions can no longer afford to be what they’ve become.”  - Bob Dickeson


The top priority of Great Falls College MSU is student success.  As a part of this mission, the college strives to offer the most applicable academic programs, in order that our students succeed in whatever their educational goals may be.  In addition, the college endeavors to offer the most efficient and effective student support programs, which encompasses everything from academic advising to facility maintenance.

Over the past few years, the college has experienced a continued decrease in student enrollment, primarily due to the strong economy experienced in Montana.  A strong economy, with low unemployment rates, is quite positive for our community; however, it presents potential students with many options that are not dependent upon educational attainment.

As a result of the reduction in student tuition and fee revenue, the College Planning, Budget, and Analysis committee voted to institute a hiring freeze in the midst of the 2014 -2105 fiscal year.  The freeze accomplished two goals: 1. ending the 2015 year with a positive balance, and 2. creating a responsible projected budget for the 2016 year.  However, a hiring freeze is not strategic.

The college’s financial forecast is sound.  However, in an attempt to avoid future hiring freezes or drastic reductions, the college is in the process of evaluating all academic and administrative programs.  These programs will be examined using criteria appropriate for each type (academic and administrative). 

At the end of the prioritization process, programs will be identified for:  sustaining at current levels, reorganization, enhancement or cessation.

The prioritization process will be accomplished by a wide variety of college employees, representing programs from across campus.  We are expecting to complete this process by the beginning of the spring, 2016 semester.


“The most likely source for needed resources is reallocation of existing resources.”   - Bob Dickeson


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