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Week 1
Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Starting this week and for all of October, we’ll be sharing a small town’s worth of educational resources to promote a cause we can all get behind: cybersecurity!

This month you’ll be embarking on an exploration of Cyber Falls, an “Everytown USA” that illustrates the many ways cyberthreats reach into the lives of your colleagues, family, and friends.

The first step is heading to the Cyber Falls Clinic to get a checkup, testing your knowledge across eight cyber-risk areas:

Over the next few weeks infographics, videos, and even a mini-game covering each of these eight risks will be available via this site. Consider taking the survey at the end to see how your scores have improved!

For some quick advice on handling each of the eight risks we’ll be covering this month, check out this infographic!


Stay tuned for more this month, and welcome to Cyber Falls!




Week 2
Now Playing at Cyber Falls Cinema…

Don’t miss a double feature over at the Cyber Falls Cinema this week!

First, we have a cautionary tale about the dangers of not saying something if you see something suspicious. It’s a tale of regret, the road less travelled, and did we mention time travel?

Watch it today!

Next comes the tale of Bob. Bob’s a cybersecurity all-star when it comes to identifying phishing emails, reporting potential incidents, and crafting clever passwords. But what happens when a stranger comes knocking on the office door?

Learn the hazards of failing to keep office security top of mind!

While you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for a reminder about the importance of physical security in [POSTER LOCATION]

Happy watching!




Week 3

How Much Personal Information Are You Willing to Share?

Cyber Falls is just like any other town. Locals browse the comic book shop, check out the latest edition of The Sentinel (Cyber Falls’ finest news source), and wander the mega mall.

But lurking among the racks of over-priced clothing and food court hot dogs are suspicious characters seeking personal information.

The promise: A $5,000 shopping spree! But is the information they’re asking for worth it?

Visit the Cyber Falls Mall yourself to explore what’s safe to share, and what’s not!:

One of the most common ways of oversharing is, you guessed it, social media! Keep an eye out for a message in [POSTER LOCATION] for advice on how to avoid social media mishaps! 

Share safely out there!




 Week 4

What Do Cloud Computing and Secure Wi-Fi Usage Have in Common?

They represent the next double feature hitting the silver screen at the Cyber Falls Cinema!

“The cloud” can seem a heavenly place, with its near infinite amount of storage for files of all types. But looks can be deceiving. Our first movie this week explores the potential dangers of giving too much up to the cloud.

Check it out!

Next comes the story of the Wi-Fi Drifter, a cyber-savvy wanderer always on guard against data thieves, internet scoundrels, and sketchy public internet connections.

How does she stay secure in the face of these dangers? Find out now!

Keep those connections secure!




Week 5

Don’t Let Phishy Emails Scare You this Halloween!

Cybersecurity awareness month is almost over, and we couldn’t let Oct. 31 roll by without mentioning one of scariest threats out there today: Phishing!

But never fear! This infographic illustrates the five most common signs of a suspicious message: :

If you’re into being scared, head over to the Cyber Falls Cinema one last time for a special showing of “Security Zombies!” Thrill as the undead lurch across the screen, mindlessly clicking on phishing emails and letting in malware!

Do you know how to keep safe? Watch to find out!

Speaking of malware, the spooky season we’re in just might have brought some malware monsters into our midst… Can you help spot them around the office?

Happy (malware) hunting!


Content brought to you by MEDIAPRO©.  NCSAM is a collaborative effort among businesses, government agencies, colleges and universities, associations, nonprofit organizations and individuals committed to this year’s NCSAM theme of ‘Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.’ which encourages everyone to #BeCyberSmart through cybersecurity best practices.