Date: Tue, Mar 15th, 2022

Alonzo Kelly inspires crucial conversations with talks at Great Falls College

Guest speaker Alonzo Kelly gives a talk about creating a culture of belonging titled "Crucial Conversations" at Great Falls College on Monday. All are invited to G45/46 on Tuesday at 3:30 for his next talk. You will be inspired.

Renowned speaker, corporate leader, TV and radio personality Alonzo Kelly talked diversity, equity and inclusion on Monday at Great Falls College.

He also had two main tips on how people should talk to one another.

“Start every answer with, ‘It’s my understanding,” or ‘From my experience,’” Kelly told staff and faculty members during an afternoon session and community members during an evening session.

He then explained he has not been in an argument with another human being in nine years.

“Who can argue with your experience?” he asked.

Kelly created the safe zone immediately by telling those in attendance that their answer will always be right as long as they start their answer from that perspective.

From there, a free-flowing discussion filled with laughter and thought-provoking questions ensued.

“Alonzo’s presentation was excellent,” said Dr. Stephanie Erdmann, CEO/dean of Great Falls College. “He has so much wisdom that he is able to share in such easy-to-understand language. We encourage everyone to come to Alonzo’s talk this afternoon.”

Kelly speaks on Tuesday from 3:30 to 5 p.m. in G45/46, which is located just inside Entrance 6 in the south parking lot behind the college.


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