Date: Wed, Jul 20th, 2022

Efforts to modernize Weaver Library get boost

Amelia Flamand studies in the Weaver Library earlier this year. The Weaver Library received a boost when Great Falls College received supplemental funds related to the pandemic.

Great Falls College MSU’s plans to create a separate entrance to its Weaver Library received a boost when it recently learned it was the only Montana school to receive Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds Supplemental Support under the American Rescue Plan.

The college was granted $279,371 that is to be split between the institution and the students.

The library project is part of a plan to create a more modern space for students to congregate, study and find support services.

“Libraries have always been about more than books, and it’s more true now than ever in this digital age,” said Dr. Stephanie Erdmann, CEO/dean of Great Falls College. “We are so excited to create this place for students that will make the Weaver Library an even more dynamic and inviting space for them to build community and find the resources they need.”

The relief funds will help offsets costs for the first step, which is creating an entrance directly into the library. It will make it possible for the college to expand hours by allowing it to open just the library while closing access to the rest of the college. This step also will include adding a restroom to the library.

Eventually, the college is looking to create a space in the Weaver Library that will include a more concentrated area for student support.

The funds, split evenly between the institution and students means that $139,685 will go to the Weaver Library project and $139,686 will be direct to student aid.

Great Falls College spent more than $5.4 million in Higher Education Emergency Relief aid since the start of the pandemic, with more than $3.8 million going directly to students.

The library project is another example of the way the college is using the relief funds it has received responsibly.

“We have been very diligent to be as strategic as possible in the way we use the taxpayers’ money to not only make up for losses brought on by the pandemic but also to future proof our campus,” said Carmen Roberts, executive director of operations.

Other projects Great Falls College has funded include updating all of its classrooms with state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment to help with online learning, beefing up the emergency power system with a generator so that the computer servers won’t go down and expanding the reach of the campus WiFi.

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