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Office managers plan and oversee the work of office staff.

Office managers usually work in either customer service or clerical support. Their specific work tasks depend on the office, but they share many common duties.

Managers plan the work of office and support staff. They consider the strengths of each worker, deadlines, and the requirements of the job. Managers oversee staff to ensure the work is done properly and on time. They review each person's clerical work, or evaluate how they deal with customers.

Office managers evaluate staff performance and record the information in personnel files. If workers perform poorly, managers meet with them to discuss problems. They help workers to improve their performance. They might send them to a training course or arrange personal counseling.

Office managers interview and hire new staff. When new employees start work, managers orient them to the office and its procedures. They often teach new staff how to use the phone system, office equipment, and computer system. In addition, managers explain new procedures for regular staff. They train workers to operate new equipment or computer software. In some cases they arrange for outside training.

Managers resolve conflicts with upset customers or among staff members. They sometimes meet with union representatives to discuss work problems. Managers also consult with top managers about progress or issues in their department. They often suggest ways to improve office procedures.

Office managers perform many administrative duties. They perform routine work during busy periods. They compile data about their department and present it to top managers. They write progress reports. They make sure that office equipment runs properly. When it is needed, they request new equipment. In addition, office managers:

  • Keep records
  • Order supplies
  • Help plan budgets

Information Above From Montana Career Information System

Job Title Median Wage Annual Job Openings Expected Growth
Office Manager MT: $51,240/yr
US: $58,450/yr
MT: 27
US: 138,200
MT: 6.2%
US: -3.0%
Sales Worker Supervisor MT: $72,340/yr
US: $78,560/yr
MT: 79
US: 162,400
MT: 9.1%
US: -6.2%
Human Resources Assistant MT: $39,810
US: $43,250
MT: 1
US: 10,600
MT: 5.3%
US: -2.9%

These skills are useful in every type of organization that wants to create and maintain and effective and efficient workplace.  Graduates of this program prepared to work in a variety of industries  including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, government, and not-for-profit. There are generally no licensing requirements or additional certifications required to work in office management and supervision.

The Great Falls College MSU Office Management and Supervision Program is designed to be flexible. The entire program can be completed online, but students have the option to take classes in a variety of formats.  Small class sizes provide students with the opportunity to develop connections with other students and faculty with experience working directly in the field. The Office Management and Supervision Program also has internship opportunities available for students who want to build skills and earn credits in a workplace setting.   

Office Management & Supervision Program Estimated Costs

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Office Management & Supervision Program Requirements

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Office Management and Supervision is designed to allow students to work in the field directly after graduation. Those who desire to continue their education may choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting at one of the following partner institutions:

Additional information about transferring Great Falls College credits to another institution can be found on our Transfer Opportunities page.


Office Management & Supervision Faculty


Kerry Dolan

Kerry Dolan
Program Director/Faculty

Office: B112
Phone: 406.771.4380

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Jessica Boyer

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