The Center for Lifelong Learning at Great Falls College MSU is eligible to grant Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the successful completion of non-credit continuing education programs intended to improve knowledge and skills of professionals in various fields. All non-credit Lifelong Learning activities at Great Falls College MSU are eligible for CEUs and for OPI Renewal Units as requested by the student and approved by the proper agencies. Students successfully completing non-credit courses or activities will receive CEUs and those requesting OPI Renewal Units will receive the appropriate form completed and signed by the Center for Lifelong Learning for them to submit to OPI for their Renewal Units. To signify completion, Lifelong Learning can issue a Certificate of Completion,which is valid for any organization that recognizes Great Falls College MSU CEUs. The Center for Lifelong Learning maintains a record of all CEUs awarded for five (5) years.

Guidelines & Forms

See complete guidelines with CEU calculations, criteria, and limitations here

CEUs Request Form



  1. All CEUs requests are $25.
  2. For reprints/resending of Certificate of Completion, there is a $5 administrative fee.  


The requesting organization or participant submits payment with a completed application form. The following payment methods are accepted.

  1. Cash
  2. Check made out to GFC MSU
  3. Credit Card


Non-credit continuing education programs must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The activity must be planned in response to clearly identified needs of a specific group or target population.
  2. Learning purpose, objectives and outcomes must be specified for each activity prior to its initiation. 
  3. Qualified instructional personnel must be directly involved in conducting and planning of the activity.
  4. Specific performance requirements for the award of CEU must be established prior to offering the activity. These should be a result of the activity’s purpose, objectives and outcomes.
  5. Student registration procedures must provide sufficient detail to provide necessary information for a permanent record of individual participation.
  6. Evaluation procedures identified during the planning process are to be used to determine the effectiveness of the program.
  7. A permanent CEU recording system will be maintained Lifelong Learning.


Requests for CEUs for non-credit professional development programs such as workshops, short courses, and seminars, must be submitted at least twenty-five (25) days before the program start date. Incomplete forms will not be considered and will be returned. If you are submitting as an individual, you are expected to check with your professional association or employer to determine the acceptability of the activity for CEUs prior to receiving them.

Upon receipt, Lifelong Learning reviews the completed request form and contacts the requesting organization/student of its decision via e-mail. If a request is not approved, a written notice will be e-mailed, indicating the reason(s) for denial.

For more information or to submit your form, please email or call 406.268.3734.