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In order to make it easier to access the polices and procedures of Great Falls College MSU, this on-line version of the PPM was created. This on-line version can also be updated faster and easier, than the paper versions of the manual. By using the links below or on the left of this page, you will be able to locate policies in various areas. If you have any questions regarding the on-line version of the PPM, please contact Lorene Jaynes at

If you are submitting a new or revised policy, please use the form below and follow the procedure outlined in Policy 101.1 Policy Development and Approval.

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404.41 Stay at Work Return to Work
The Great Falls College MSU Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work policy has its basis in current Montana statutes and rules, Board of Regents' policy and the policies set forth by the Montana University System Self-Funded Workers' Compensation Program. Great Falls College MSU has developed this policy to assure compliance with the Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work (SAW/RTW) Assistance requirements listed in MCA Section 39-71-10 and ARM 24.29.1801-1821.

507.1 Annual Inventory
Departments with resale inventories shall conduct a yearly inventory for financial statement reporting purposes in order to provide consistency from year to year in recording, valuation, and reporting of inventories. Adherence to these procedures will help ensure that each inventory will be properly conducted, valued, and reported.

402.25 Background Checks & Program Information for College Programs
As part of its educational mission, Great Falls College MSU offers many college programs that include children and youth. This policy promotes the protection and safety of children and youth in these programs.

601.1 Weapons
The purpose of this policy is to establish restrictions regarding the possession, carry, transportation and storage of firearms and weapons on the Great Falls College MSU premises.

501.2 Fiscal Misconduct
This policy establishes the procedures for reporting and resolving instances of known or suspected fiscal misconduct in order to protect the assets and interests of the state.

406.25 Lactation Accommodation
Great Falls College MSU recognizes the importance and benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and their infants, and seeks to promote a family-friendly environment in which to work and study. In accordance with MCA 39-2-215 to 217, Montana State supports and encourages the practice of breastfeeding, accommodates breastfeeding needs of employees, and provides adequate facilities for breastfeeding or the expression of milk for the employee's child.

102.2 Open Meetings
Great Falls College MSU recognizes that opportunity for the public to observe the actions and deliberations of public agencies is important to a free society. GFC MSU, likewise, recognizes that the right of privacy, constitutionally guaranteed to the citizens of Montana, is fundamental to the well-being of both the individual and society. This policy implements the requirements of the open meeting laws of Montana as codified under 2-3-2.

102.1 Public Participation
Montana Code Annotated provides for public participation in College decisions that are of significant interest to the public.

101.1 Policy Development and Approval
All Great Falls College MSU's institutional policies bear the endorsement of the College and therefore require official approval. Across this spectrum of policies, the College is committed to ensuring collective input and shared governance in the development and approval of all policies regardless of the scope, intent and applicability.  The previous policy has been placed into procedure and has not changed.

402.2 Pre-employment Background Check
Great Falls College MSU is committed to protecting the security, safety, and health of employees, students, and others, safeguarding the assets and resources of the College, and assuring individuals in responsible positions are worthy of the trust they are given.  Therefore, GFC MSU has adopted a policy requiring Pre-Employment Background Checks.



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