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Great Falls College MSU provides high quality educational experiences supporting student success and meeting the needs of our community.


The vision of Great Falls College MSU is to strengthen communities through excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

Forging Futures

2022-2027 Strategic Plan

Pillar 1 - Inclusivity: Remove barriers and provide support.

Clear the path for students to accomplish their educational goals.


  • I1.1 Increase the proportion of degree-seeking students who complete college-level math and writing within one year.
  • I1.2 Increase the proportion of pre-program health sciences students who complete prerequisite courses within one year.
  • I1.3 Increase the proportion of students who complete a credential within 150% of normal time.
  • I1.4 Reduce equity gaps.

Foster an environment that expands enrollment and celebrates student resilience.


  • I2.1 Increase the conversion rate of applicants to enrolled students.
  • I2.2 Increase the enrollment of degree-or-certificate seeking students.
  • I2.3 Increase the proportion of students who utilize academic support services that result in a successful outcome.
  • I2.4 Increase the proportion of EAB Navigate student alerts that result in a successful outcome.

Create excitement for campus activities and events.


  • I3.1 Increase the number of participants who attend campus-sponsored events.
  • I3.2 Increase the average number of social media views on posts about campus activities.
  • I3.3 Increase the proportion of students involved in official campus clubs and organizations.



Pillar 2 - Opportunities: Increase awareness and engage communities

Distinguish Great Falls College by building brand recognition and community awareness through consistent design and promotion.


  • O1.1 Increase the amount of direct traffic to the Great Falls College website.
  • O1.2 Reduce the bounce rate from the Great Falls College website.
  • O1.3 Increase the total number of Google searches for Great Falls College.
  • O1.4 Increase the amount of engagement per social media post.
  • O1.5 Increase the number of business partnerships that promote Great Falls College.

Intentionally target populations to support strategic initiatives of Great Falls College.


  • O2.1 Increase the traffic generated from specific social media campaigns to targeted websites.
  • O2.2 Increase social media reach.
  • O2.3 Increase the use of the Great Falls College App.
  • O2.4 Increase the capacity rates of targeted programs that are below 85%.

Develop opportunities to connect alumni with one another and Great Falls College.


  • O3.1 Increase the number of views of alumni email content.
  • O3.2 Increase the number of alumni who engage in social media content targeted to alumni.
  • O3.3 Increase the number of alumni who participate in student engagement activities.



Pillar 3 - Excellence: Learn, assess, and innovate.

Seek and encourage efficiency and innovation in the work of the college.


  • E1.1 Increase the number of process improvements implemented each fiscal year.

Align human, physical, and/or financial resources to support strategic plan initiatives.


  • E2.1 Increase the proportion of grant-funded projects that align with at least one strategic plan initiative.
  • E2.2 Increase the number of donors who financially support Great Falls College students, faculty, and facilities.
  • E2.3 Increase the proportion of new or reallocated human, physical, and financial resources that align with the strategic plan.