In fall 2022, Great Falls College began to refer to departments, or interdepartmental groups that primarily work together to meet similar goals, as units. To identify units, the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness drafted a list based on the organizational chart, and then the Executive Council reviewed and edited the list.
All units were asked to identify goals that align with Forging Futures (2022-27 strategic plan) to identify strategic initiatives. In September 2022, all committees were asked to identify annual goals, and most committees aligned their goals to Forging Futures. The Strategic Analysis and Reporting (StAR) committee reviewed all goals and mapped them to Forging Futures. The StAR committee notified the Executive Council and College Council of the strategic plan goals that were not aligned to any unit or committee goal to identify and address gaps.
Units and committees document the progress made towards their strategic goals to their strategic action plans, and progress updates are due by January 31 and July 31 of each year. Once goals are achieved, units and committees can submit additional goals through this link. It is expected that all units and committees have a goal each academic year.
The StAR committee reviews and documents all goals to ensure they areligned to the strategic plan and have an indicator identified. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness then creates their strategic action plan report in Weave so that updates can be entered by every January 31 and July 31. Part of these progress updates includes units and committees reviewing the target metric data pertaining to their strategic goal to provide context that will help assess the goals to know more about why the campus met, or did not meet, the annual targets.
After strategic action plan updates are submitted, the StAR committee compiles a report with all of the information and reports it to the Executive and College Councils. The first report was shared with the councils in April 2024, and will continue to be shared bi-annually.